Insects from Masuria.

If you made it to our website, you probably know how important it is to care for the natural environment today. OVAD was born out of this need. The three of us have a very strong connection to the Masurian region. This is where our families come from.. This is where our families come from. This is where we’ve spent every free moment for years. We have passed this love on to our children, and we cannot bear the though that this beauty may not even last their lifetime.
Masuria is a region where OVAD has its farm and where our family has been involved in agriculture for years. We watched our grandfather and his family run their farm with passion, dedication and love for the animals and the land, cultivating with the greatest respect. Nowadays, it is far too easy to damage the natural environment when carrying out breeding and cultivation, so we have decided to act. There must be an alternative…

The alternative we focus on is insect breeding, as it is an excellent source of protein for animalfeed, animal care oils and natural fertilizers. The breeding uses several times less water, energy and time than breeding cattle, pigs or poultry. It is the alternative we have been looking for to help reverse environmental degradation and it is the responsible choice for you.

  • Masuria

  • Masuria
  • Our place

  • Our place
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  • Nature

Our team.

A trio of professionals in love with insects and Masuria.

The land of a thousand lakes and forests.

For us, Masuria isn’t just beautiful landscapes, it is the people, stories, the generosity of pure nature. It is our “homelands”, which we want to give back to by building a sustainable business. 

Our products.

We take care of every detail of the process so that the quality of the products meets the expectations of our customers.

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