Farming Like No Other

Our mealworm farm addresses the challenges faced by both industrial animal farming and large-scale crop cultivation.

  • Low greenhouse gas emissions: Calculated at 4% of traditional cattle farming emissions and 16% of poultry farming emissions.
  • Minimal water consumption: Our insects derive water from the fruits and vegetables provided to them, limiting water use to maintaining cleanliness in our farm.
  • Space-efficient: mealworm farming is vertical, eliminating the need for vast land areas.
  • No increase in resource demand: We repurpose what is often discarded in plant processing—such as irregularly shaped fruits and vegetables, bran as the main mealworm feed, and by-products from breweries, juice presses, or oil mills.
  • Exclusively plant-based feed: Our insects are nourished without ever using animal products.
  • Local sourcing: All our ingredients are locally obtained, minimizing supply chain lengths.

No Chemical Agents

In our mealworm farming, you won’t find:

  • antibiotics
  • pesticides
  • waste

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